Catalogue of Curriculum Songs

We invite you to browse ELA’s song list & descriptions.
Each of the twelve songs—our unique arts-based method for emotion literacy exploration—
serve as catalysts for self-reflective writing & discussion.

The stories in the curriculum songs demonstrate a close attendance and inquisitiveness—through lyrical narrative—to universal facets of the human condition. Each song captures and characterizes themes, nuances and ways of thinking applicable to a broad range of life’s moments and relationships. A set of evocative questions follow the audios, encouraging participants to explore and discover their own context and meaning through a self-reflective process of writing and discussion.

The Ducks & Us Songbook Movie

Interfacing the science of wildlife protection with self and social awareness is key in day-to-day citizen stewardship as well as environmental activism.

Pass Me

In a world full of distractions and incentives to disregard self-care, the challenging nature of staying wholly in touch with needs and feelings begs admission.

One In All

A single identity can be a limited and limiting structure, especially when assigned to you by someone else. A courageously expanded sense of self makes room inside and out and is most advantageous when shared.

Let’s Be

Learning to dance with both parts of the brain—the fight-flight-freeze and creative-critical— equips us to recognize the narrative operating mode of the former and to put the latter to more frequent, heart-steered use.

My Alphabet To Freedom

According to the language of feeling, we all have our own dictionary. As we learn to translate that language, on our own terms, we develop a compass and our powers of communication expand a thousand-fold.

In a diverse and busy world, that kind of power is the very stuff of essential development, filled with insight, empathy and widespread effects of personal progress.

Word For Love

When the urge to communicate with words meets the beyond-words nature of feelings, a musical romp ensues.


One’s own perceptions—at times slippery and intangible—are an important gift to manage and maintain, to track and trust, especially when in the midst of group pressure.

The Full Spectrum Birthday Song

Making use of this annual occasion to say, daily, all feelings are valid, ever-present and worth celebratory embrace.

Now for Romeo

When adult preoccupations and obligations dissuade our notice of unadulterated beauty, imagination and the need to connect, we can take a moment and make a different decision.


’Tis an applause-worthy feat to live by addition rather than subtraction, to counter comparisons and competition with evaluations based on one’s own pace and self-empathic authority.

My Country ’Tis of Me

Herein resides a testament to witnessing and welcoming all aspects of self home by simply opening the perceptual door.


A tour through deep personal desires and primal doubts, social quandaries that logic alone cannot figure out, trepidation and aspirations fueled by a vision undaunted.

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Music icon: Megan Basaldua

*For those who seek  and achieve ELA certification,
a license for you to add any of the songs
to your educator’s tool kit will be provided.