Theatrical & Musical Snippets from Curriculum

7-monologue trailer 4:25
Audio samples from seven of the twenty character monologues in the curriculum, raw documentation of performances at live-audience events…catalysts for emotion-literacy exploration

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Monologue actors & titles
Timothy McCuen Piggee: “For Me”
Bonnie Cohen: “Lucky Guy”
David Klein: “My Bags”
Bill Higham: “Up in Arms”
Molly Lyons: “From Scratch”
Doug Knoop: “And The Moon”
Timothy McCuen Piggee: “Plenty”


6-song trailer 2:45

Audio samples from six of the twelve songs in the curriculum



Song titles
Word for Love
The Full Spectrum Birthday Song
Now for Romeo
The Ducks & Us Songbook Movie

Pamela Sackett: composition, lead vocal, rhythm guitar

Guy Nelson: instrumentals, arrangements,
special effects, vocals, recording

Daniel Sackett: recording, sound editing, sculpting & mixing
The Ducks & Us Songbook Movie
Northwest Boychoir: choral

Timothy McCuen Piggee
Elizabeth Williams
Teresa Clark
Michael Loggins
Pamela Sackett: composition, narrator, rhythm guitar
Guy Nelson: flute, Boychoir recording engineer
Ben Kromholtz: Boychoir choral arrangement, conductor 
Kenyon Curtiss: synthesizers, strings

Vignette from ELSOTA! (Emotion Literacy School ON THE AIR)

One of five vignettes, in its entirety, in the curriculum:
“Road Rage Meets Emotion Literacy”

Vignette series cast & credits

Guy Nelson as “The Announcer,” technical director, original music
Fredrick Molitch as “Freddy”
Pamela Sackett as “Pamela”
Sue Ellen Katz as “Francie”